We don't heal

in isolation

but in community

 - S Kelley Harrel


SoHo Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization founded on the principle that no military veteran should suffer silently with various wounds of service. 

We strive to provide veterans - especially those affected by PTSD, a safe environment to heal emotionally, physically, and mentally while providing care to abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. In turn, the animals use their natural abilities to bond, and to aid their handler in healing. 

The value of animal assisted therapy is gaining recognition; including by the United States Army. According to Col. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, M.D., the Army uses dogs to help service members recover from PTSD.

Our Mission

SoHo Dogs is dedicated to the healing of mind, body, and soul of veterans through animal assisted therapy. 

Our program fosters a sense of responsibility, compassion and well-being through the interaction with and care of animals, which in turn encourages people to become strong, proud and productive members of society. Through hands-on care of animals, veterans take responsibility for another living being while fostering a bond forged by mutual trust and understanding.

Our Vision

A healthy sober house (hence SoHo) environment where, in addition to working with VA social workers and other mental health professionals, participants choose a dog for which take responsibility while animal and human transition from their former life to a permanent home. Once a dog is socialized and trained, it will be made available for adoption. If the veteran working with the dog has transitioned to his or her own home, he or she will have first choice to adopt their charge. Every participant will also have the opportunity to have a chosen dog thoroughly trained to be a service dog if they wish.

Our Purpose

To offer veterans, especially those with PTSD, who are having difficulty adjusting to civilian life, a sober living environment where they participate in our animal assisted-therapy program.

Our program gives veterans and animals, especially those who have been homeless and can relate to the struggles of living on the streets, the opportunity to support one another through a transitional time.

Our first priority is healing the mind, body, and soul of veterans. Dogs are a tool to accomplish this. We are not a rescue or a shelter in the traditional sense. Although we only use rescued animals in our program, only animals suited for proper training, assistance, or service will be accepted. 


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